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Wellness and spa applications have been enjoying increasing popularity decades - and indeed deserves. Our hectic everyday, between high job requirements and personal obligations, almost always requires a balance. In addition to sports and regular stay in nature offer sauna and steam bath at the optimum solution. In a relaxing atmosphere you will find peace and can exceptionally concentrate on yourself. With us you can find a variety of quality products and can buy a steam bath.

Turkish as a special type of sauna

the difference between sauna and steam room for laymen is not always obvious: the public baths and spas finally finds often both. The steam bath is actually a sub-form of sauna. It is at about 50 ° C less hot (compared to the temperatures of classic saunas often start at 70 ° C, ranging up to 130 ° C), has at the same time to a higher humidity. Seen in the sauna and steam facilities visitors the difference: Classic saunas are usually made of wood and have a brazier. Steam baths are tiled in turn, since wood the humidity would not tolerate for long. Heated they are today with an electric steam generator.

In their action to steam and wood sauna differ slightly. Central is sweating, which can have positive side effects such as strengthening the immune system and regulating blood pressure result in two facilities. Even diseases such as rheumatism and skin problems can be treated by regular steam and sauna visits. For those who decide to visit a steam bath or to buy can thus additionally its mucous membranes do something good. Steam baths can be utilized even during a slight cold. The water vapor released nose and throat of what has been accumulated there and lets the person concerned to breathe freely again. Due to the low temperature, a steam room is also suitable for people who are susceptible to circulatory problems.

Turkish buy Kaiser Wellness - Benefits

Customers of Kaiser Wellness benefit from the expertise of the company. By specializing in steam generators and Sole nebulizations are the employees with the assortment familiar and able to offer a comprehensive service accordingly. If you consider buying a steam room, we advise you not only advance to matching models, also during installation and during the first years of use, we are a point of contact. On our heating elements we give a five year guarantee, so that they are secure in the long term and can enjoy their private spa carefree.

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More than 2,000 customers have become convinced of Kaiser Wellness. In addition to the strong service ensure the high quality of products and the excellent price-performance ratio for a constant demand. A private steam room is something special and still not prohibitively so households make up a large part of the clientele. Those looking for relaxation after work and sport, must take a steam bath facilities of Kaiser Wellness no long walks to the nearest spa in buying - peace and pleasure can bring straightforward in their own four walls.